How to Cover a Christmas Tree Base?

Christmas is the time at which everyone thinks about the Christmas tree. How to design the tree? How to cover its base?! Nowadays, everyone knows that getting a natural Christmas tree is not a good idea, so, to make everything more reasonable, they buy an artificial Christmas tree. In this guide, we will show you nine ways to cover a Christmas tree base in a way that it stands firmly. You can use one of these methods based on your design and your home décor.

  • Use a Basket

If you want to have a minimalist, rustic, chic, and cozy touch to your home, it is a good idea to use a basket. Baskets work as a skirt, and they fit easily to many home decors.

  • Use Gifts

Giving a gift is an essential part of Christmas. You can put your gift boxes around the base of your tree, they can even be fake gifts, but an excellent way to design.

  • Use a Tire

Yes, a tire! You may have a used tire in your garage. Old tires are an excellent tool to be wrapped and colored by a rope to give you a rustic and cozy look. Your tree can stand easily in the middle of the tire.

  • Use Metal

You may have seen galvanized tub or bucket in the countryside a lot. You can use them to have a harmonious look at the country by drilling a hole on the bucket base and removing it using a jigsaw. Then, split the tub down the side to make the collar safe to use.

  • Use Fruit Box

Fruit boxes are an available choice for you. You can paint them and decorate them with light. It gives a rustic look that contrasts the glam ornaments.

  • Use Lampshade

Lampshades are a wise choice for decorating their artificial trees, especially with specific themes and colors. You can order the shade based on your desire ad adorn your tree.

  • Use Gift Box

It is easy to make a gift box at home. You can also choose different colors and themes for your paper to wrap the package up with it. To learn how to make it, search for a DIY video on YouTube.

  • Use a Table

If you have ordered a small Christmas tree, it is smart to use a table. You can put your tree on your table, decorate it quickly and make a French-Style basket or a Gold-Wire Basket for it.

  • Use Large Woven-Rope

If you are interested in using handmade things, you can make a giant hand woven-rope and add texture and interest to your tree.


Using an artificial Christmas tree is a very reasonable choice for people who wants to celebrate this occasion each year without spending too much money. If you’re going to be creative each year, it is enough to change your Christmas parts. The cover for the Christmas tree base is one of the options that you have. It is also advised to buy your tree from a wholesale trader like Aramistrading, which offers you free shipping and a significant discount.

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