How to Make Faux Plants and Trees Look Real?

The biggest challenge for many people is that if artificial plants look real or no?

First of all, you have to consider that technology is so developed these days. Some artificial plants knock your socks off because they look so real that you cannot recognize them from the fake ones.

Second, there are some ways to make fake plants look more real. So if you’ve bought some artificial plants already and you think they don’t look like real ones, or you want to buy some new fake plants, read the rest of the article to get some critical points about making faux plants look more real.

The Real Face of Faux Plants

Having a lovely home décor is vital for everyone. We all need to have beautiful houses with well-designed decorations. To bring freshness and greenery to your home, buying fake plants is a good idea.

But some people want to know how to make fake plants look more real. These are some ways to consider:

  1. Buy high-qualified artificial plants

Before any other thing, try to buy high-quality artificial plants. They look more real, their color doesn’t fade quickly, and they last longer. So it is more reasonable to pay for a high-quality product once instead of spending many times for a low qualified one. Some faux plants are made of cheap plastics, and some others are made of quality silk material. The ones made of silk materials are lifelike.

  • Buy Fake Plants that already look real

Have you ever been to a shop asking if the succulents are real or fake? Most fake succulents look extremely real. You can try to buy Fake plants that their fake and real is unrecognizable.

  • Don’t underestimate the value of their placement

Vases and planters are one of the best ways to give your plants their best looking. For example, artificial trees need bigger pots. In this way, you can hide their basement in the vase. Try to use different colors and different vases to put some life into your plants.

  • Pay attention to the location

Dark corners of your room are not the best place for your fake plants. You have to consider a location near sunlight to show your plants are not dead.

  • Dust them but not too much

Dirt and dust are sometimes essential for the real look of plants. They may seem to nature. Natural accenting like soil, dirt, sand, rocks, or moss will give your plants a natural realism and organic texture.

  • Put a water container beside them

Put your artificial flowers on a vase filled with water. In this way, they look more living. For other kinds of plants, use a water container near them so that people will think of it as a real plant. 

  • Mix plants together

Mixing real plants with fake ones is a trick you can use to give your audience a more natural impression.

To have a fresher insight at your home, use these tricks and points. Enjoy the greenery of your space and make your home look fantastic.

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