How to Style Faux Plants and Branches?

Creative people always benefit from smart hacks to make their houses stylish and modern. Faux plants let you be smart enough and make your home décor fancy.

Although it is believed that natural plants bring life to your house, but you need to know that they are expensive, they die sooner or later, and they need caring and maintenance. Artificial flowers, on the other hand, last longer and don’t need much time for maintenance.

Artificial trees also make your indoor and outdoor space looks more natural and alive. If you add artificial green walls to them, they may shine bright as the focal point of your house too. 

There are some hacks to know about making the faux plants and branches look more real and natural. Here are eight brilliant notes to keep in mind:

  1. Container, container, and the container!

A faux plants container is the first thing that gives the audience a good impression of your style. Try to pick the right container for your plants. Don’t use small, old-fashioned, dirty, or grimy containers. Based on the shape of your artificial plant, decide on the shape of the container. If you have a tall tree, you need a taller vase. A tall container is the most stylish one that you can use.

  • Fewer branches, more natural look

For having a more realistic view, don’t use more than three branches; fewer branches seem more pretty in the water.

  • Real flowers don’t stand straight

If you want to have a more realistic look, you have to consider that natural plants have some curves on their body. Try to bend the wire stems to have curves and a real look. Trim the stems and fluff the leaves to spread natural vibes.

  • Natural elements

Some natural elements make your plants more elegant. If you have a glass vase, add some water to the vase. If you have a fake tree or fake plant, put a water container beside it.

  • Mix with real plants

Mixing real plants with fake ones is a trick to make your plants more stylish. In this way, you will elevate your vase of flowers elegantly.

  • Keep it simple

Simplicity came from creativity. Don’t try to use all kinds of a flower in a vase. Try to make a bold yet simple look that is more luxurious. Also, inspire by your room décor and create something that goes with it.

  • Colors are essential

Having a colorful atmosphere makes it more fresh and pretty. Use different tones of colors to bring liveliness to your décor.

  • Extras are not extra

A stylish potted plant always looks real. To add reality, use mosses around the edges. You can also use succulents, rocks, or other plants to make a potted artificial plant look more natural. In the end, use photos and search for more ideas on the internet. Pictures of different houses and home decors shape your thoughts and help you decide better on your choices. Choose the one that you think is beautiful and goes with your furniture and decoration.

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