How To Design An Artificial Green Wall?

Walls are the most prominent places in a building. They also have a significant effect on the beauty and the view of your design. If you are tired of your lifeless walls and you want to make a quick change on them, you have some choices:

  1. Painting
  2. Wallpapers
  3. Artificial Green Walls

It is up to you to choose between these options, but here we will tell you some of the advantages and disadvantages of each choice:

Advantages and disadvantages of Painting on the Wall:

Wall painting is the most common way of changing the color of a wall. By using different colors, you can make your walls beautiful and Fresh. But the biggest problem is that wall painting takes a lot of time; it might be allergic for some people, it needs washing and repairing, and after a while, the color may fade or become botched.

Advantages and disadvantages of Wallpapers:

Wallpapers exist in different models and designs. You can use them based on your taste. They don’t need lots of washing or repairing, but still, they may not give you the sense of freshness and greenery as they are just some paints. You will be bored after a while watching them.

Advantages and disadvantages of Green Walls:

You can not use natural green walls as they need so much caring, watering, and maintenance. So, the best choice is to use an artificial Green wall. But you can not use them for all of your space. Although they give you a sense of freshness and the closeness to nature, overusing them is not the right choice.

What is the best choice to decorate a wall?

 If you are bored with your wall, they are in bad repair, and you need some relief, it is an excellent choice to use green walls and wallpapers together. As you can choose the patterns and forms of wallpaper, you can select it based on your taste. It is the most logical option to use artificial green walls for having some freshness and greenery. They can breathe life into your space as they look like a mini garden in your home, office, or shop.

Different Types of an Artificial Green Wall

Fake green walls exist in different colors, models, and forms. You should choose the one which is suitable for your space. Types of green walls based on their location include:

  • Indoor Fake Green Walls for Home and Apartment
  • Indoor Fake Garden Walls for Offices and Shops
  • Outdoor Green Walls for Homes and Apartments
  • Garden Walls

How to Design an Artificial Green Wall?

It is easy to install and decorate an artificial green wall. First of all, go and find a reliable shop and buy your green wall. Here is a suggestion: go to the Aramistrading Website and put your order there. It is a wholesale trader, with the most reasonable prices and free shipping.

They will send you a panel of the green wall. You can customize the size of your board based on your need. Then it is enough to install the boards to your wall with a drill and some screws.

It is ready, enjoy it!


Sometimes, it is a good idea to use different options because it seems more creative and stylish. Here we suggested you use wallpapers with a green wall panel to make a fresher look of your house. Try it and buy it from Aramistrading.

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