How to Hang Artificial Flowers from Ceiling

Rush hours, small apartments, traffic, pollution, and stress of the modern days, makes everyone nervous. We need greenery in our tiny apartments because they make us feel better and calmer. But we all know that natural flowers can not last long enough in this situation because they need light, watering, and hours of maintenance. But is it possible for us to do all these chores?

It is impossible for many of us, so we prefer to have artificial flowers and artificial trees in our houses. If you love flowers and you want to have a beautifully designed home, you need to challenge your imagination and creativity and make an incredible masterpiece of these fake flowers.

Why Using Hanging Flowers in our Design?

If you have a tight area that limits your space, artificial hanging flowers will help you because they hang from the ceiling, and they don’t need so much space.

Don’t worry if you live in a small apartment or a dorm; these little creatures will bring greenery and beauty to your space without compromising square feet.

As they are artificial, you don’t need to worry about their watering also as they are far from people’s insight, they will look more real. Furthermore, as they hang up to the ceiling, they have a perfect aesthetic look and style for your space.

Where is the Best Place to Hang the Indoor Flowers?

In choosing the perfect spot for hanging your fake flowers, you have to answer these questions:

  • How ample is your space?
  • Where do you spend most of your time in your house?
  • What did you put on the corners of your space?
  • Do you have any windows in your house?
  • How much is the height of your ceiling?

After answering these questions, you can choose the best place. As if you have a large space, you have many options. For example, you can put your hanging flowers in the living room or dorm room.

But if it is a small place, you will have fewer options; in this case, you need to answer the second question. The space you spend most of your time is a preferable place to put your plant because it can give you more energy.

Putting a fake hanging plant on the corner next to a window is also a good option. Windows and corners make your plants look more natural.

How to Hang Artificial Flowers from Ceiling

For having a beautiful hanging flower, you need a beautiful pot. Place your flowers and plants on their containers, arrange thrillers and put fillers around them. Then bend the wires and hang them over the ceiling by a hook kit.  

To get the hook kit, you should use a ladder, a drill, and someone to help you find a suitable spot to hang your flower. Make sure to drill a hole that is smaller than your hook. This is a simple process, do it and don’t worry.


Hanging plants are a perfect choice to make your home beautiful and fancy. Here, we explained how to swing your flowers and why to do it. Use this method and tell us about your experience.

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